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Definitions of Spa Types

Health Farm

A dedicated venue where guests wander around the entire place in robes or gym gear unlike a Spa Hotel. Generally has a lot more treatment rooms too and is specifically targeted at spa breaks with treatments. A Health Farm or Health Spa (see description below) is ideal if you feel burnt out, stressed out or just want to leave it all behind for a day or two and get out! A lot of people go on their own for these reasons so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable at all – it’s as normal as going with a friend, either is fine. If you smoke, there will be a designated room where you can have a cigarette but smoking is not allowed in other areas of the venue in deference to other guests. Most venues also offer hypnotherapy so you might like to try that instead!

Most health farms (but not all) do serve alcohol although it is worth asking the question if you are likely to fancy a shot or two during your stay, just to be sure! “Health farm” is a more traditional term and tends to conjure up the idea of a retreat where small portions of very healthy food is on offer, no alcohol and lots of exercise etc. These days most venues still have plenty of light diet options but give you additional choices too, as not all guests are trying to lose weight. The emphasis at health farms is still very much on health in an overall sense. Minimum age restriction is at least 16 – please check with us when making an enquiry if relevant.

Health Spa

Pretty similar to a Health Farm but with a bar! Generally offers all the facilities you are likely to find at a hotel too but again, like a health farm, is specifically geared to the beauty, health and fitness brigade and so generally has more treatment rooms than a Spa Hotel and like a health farm, you can wander around the entire venue in robes or casual fitness gear. A Health Spa is also likely to offer a menu with choices to suit someone wanting to watch the calories and also a gourmand who loves food and so falls somewhere in the middle between a traditional Health Farm and a Spa Hotel generally offering the benefits of both. Most health spas have a minimum age restriction of 16 so please check with us when enquiring if you plan to take a teenager with you!

Spa Hotel

Describes a hotel with all the usual facilities which also has a spa leisure centre – this will usually denote a swimming pool, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi plus treatments suite where therapists administer individual treatments. Guests generally wear robes or gym gear in the spa area but not in the main hotel. No minimum age restrictions to stay although you will need to check on the treatments as often, minimum age restrictions do apply for individual treatments.

Benefits of a Spa Hotel are likely to be financial – there are some great deals to be had where you can enjoy being pampered and made to feel gorgeous and still enjoy sitting in the bar having pre and post-dinner drinks! Also very suitable if going with your other half who may not be quite as keen as you are on having a facial and a manicure! Most Spa Hotels on Spabreak also offer golf so that might be an alternative to keep everyone happy.

Day Spa

Describes a venue, which offers day spa packages and facilities, but no residential accommodation. Almost all the residential venues also offer day spas too. At the moment only one venue on Spabreak Direct is a Day Only Spa – Eden Hall Nr Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Twin or Double?

Very simply, two beds or one double bed – please let us know which when booking to avoid disappointment or surprise! Prices are quoted on this website as per person and the price is either per person based on two people sharing or single occupancy which always carries a supplement – please check the prices as they are all stated for every package listed.

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