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Frequently Asked Questions

A few typical questions answered simply below. If you have any questions which are not answered below and you cannot find the answers within each venue’s own pages, please call us on 01883 724 843 or send an email to us – we will get straight back to you and may also use the question for this page in the future!

Is it better value to book a spa break package?

In a word - Yes!

You you are already getting a great discount by booking a spa break package.

Please read this for more information on how a spa break package is put together and why it is better value than trying to 'build' one yourself.

What is the dress code?

The dress code for most venues is very casual. If staying at a Health Farm or Health Spa, people generally just wear either robes or gym gear around the entire venue and also at breakfast, lunch and dinner, although most guests do change into casual wear at dinner. If staying at a Spa Hotel, then this is the case in the spa area but not generally within the main hotel, which includes at breakfast and dinner although if lunch is included, it is usually in the spa area where robes and gym gear are perfectly acceptable!

Can I arrive in the morning even though the room isn’t available until the afternoon?

Yes in most cases, but not all. It will normally say on the venue’s own pages and also in the confirmation. One or two health farms however, have fairly stringent rules regarding arrival and departure times. Most venues will guarantee your rooms from around 2 to 3pm but are more than happy if you want to arrive in the morning and start using the facilities. Pretty much the same on the day of departure – you will vacate your room late morning but most venues are happy for you to stay the rest of the day although some packages include lunch on the last day and some don’t so please check the details on the relevant pages and in your confirmation pack.

Do I need to schedule my treatments in with the venue myself?

No, not for any treatments which are already included in the spa break you actually book – this is done for you at the time of your booking. If you do want to book additional treatments however, you are strongly advised to do so with as much advance notice as possible – preferably as soon after you have made the booking as possible. All venues will send you or email a confirmation pack with list of treatments as soon as the booking is made. You should then call the treatments line given in the confirmation pack asap to book any extra treatments. We do list all treatments available at each venue too, just select your venue(s) and then click their “treatments” button.

Do men go to these venues?

In a word, yes! We book in guys on their own who need to unwind or perhaps retrain their lifestyles to a more healthy style and also couples. All venues cater for men as well as women and usually offer treatments geared specifically to them. There are also excellent leisure and sporting facilities at all venues, which are likely to appeal too. All venues, with the exception of Spa Hotels tend to entertain predominantly women but in almost all cases, they are by no means exclusive to women and can be a great way for a couple to relax together and take some time out away from the stresses of daily life!

Can I use the facilities available at each venue and do I have to pay?

Generally, all facilities which are listed on each venue’s own pages under the “facilities” button are free of charge and available to residents, fully inclusive. On the “packages” page, there is a section called “What’s included in every stay” which gives you all this info on each individual venue. If any fees are due, then it is mentioned in the facilities or What’s Included text.

Why do I pay more for single person occupancy than sharing with another person?

Most rooms have either two twin beds or one double bed and therefore they can accommodate two people – if you take one of these rooms alone, the single supplement is charged so that the venue doesn’t lose too much revenue.

What is the nearest train station to the venue?

Please click on the train icon visible on all pages of every venue to find which train station is closest to your chosen venue.

How do I get to the venue by car?

Please click on the car icon visible on all pages of every venue to read directions by road to your chosen venue. If you click on the globe icon visible on all pages of every venue you will see a map or satelitte view of your chosen venues location on Google Maps.

Is there an age restriction?

Minimum age requirement for a Health Farm or Health Spa is at least 16. At a Spa Hotel, there is no minimum age restriction for young guests staying although there are likely to be age restrictions in the spa and for most treatments.

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